A&Z Yacht Refinishing FAQs to Meet Your Confusions

Whether it’s hillside or dockside, the lifespan of paint on Gelcoat surfaces varies dramatically based on where the vessel is docked, how often it is used, and how well it is maintained. In many cases, refinishing can help save money over time when compared to continuous maintenance. If you plan to keep the boat for a long time, a cost comparison of refinishing work today versus work in the future can be conducted. Future plans for the vessel, as well as how long one plans to own it, can also be a good indicator of current refinish needs.

Absolutely. A & Z’s paint experts hand mix paint to perfectly match your vessel paint color. No matter if it’s affected by sun fading and weathering. A & Z will provide painted samples for customers to compare and approve color matching upon request. A good paint job helps bring in a higher sale price and can help in the immediate sale of a vessel. Let A&Z; help assess your vessel’s needs and help you maximize your investment.

The duration of your project can vary. The extent of the work will dictate how long the refinishing project will take.

We provide a 1-year warranty on all paintwork (not including corrosion work).